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It’s a great time to own Real Estate in Vancouver – whether you’re a first time homebuyer, looking to sell your property, or an experienced investor, you’ve come to the right place – and found the right team! Jason Upton and his team have helped hundreds of happy clients find, sell and invest and would love to assist you with your Real Estate needs. Contact us today to get started!

Jason has worked as an appraiser in Vancouver for over 19 years, joining the Appraisal Institute in 1994 and receiving his CRA in 1998. His current appraisal firm, Aedis Appraisals Ltd. was launched in 2007.

Other fields of study he has completed include commercial building construction, real estate development, property management, building envelope performance, mediation, home inspection and e-commerce. These studies all took place at Langara College, BCIT, Simon Fraser University and the UBC Sauder School of business.

Professional memberships include the Appraisal Institute of Canada, the Real Estate Institute of Canada, the Real Estate Institute of Canada, the Mortgage Investment Association of BC, the Mortgage Brokers Association of BC and the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

Jason was appointed by the Provincial Assessment Review Panel by the Provincial Government for Vancouver West Side in 2008 and was reappointed as chairperson for all Vancouver condominium and multi family apartment building appeals in 2010. The appointment has been extended and he now continues to stand as chair of the condo/multi family panel in Vancouver until 2016.

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Buying in Vancouver?

When buying, working with Aedis Realty will provide you with the best, Pinnacle Service. Our step by step formula for buying satisfaction is unparalleled.

  • Consultation
    • Whether it be in person or, if you are out of town,  over the phone, first we need to ascertain and understand you needs. Needs don’t just mean a one bedroom condo in Yaletown, they are often less tangible. They could mean you need a short term home for youself or family, or an investment that performs a certain return. Once we truly know your needs, then we can figure out together if indeed that one bedroom Yaletown is the best way to satisfy them!
  • Financing
    • At Aedis Realty, we work with you to ensure you are aware of all the costs, financing, taxes, maintenance fees (if applicable), insurance and more. Knowing all the costs up front will help you make the best choices in Real Estate. Our mortgage financing and insurance partners are here as our agents to help you when you need it.
  • Selection
    • When working with your buyers, we will send you immediate updates on all the new properties that meet your criteria. Not only will you get the new listings first, but also price changes, foreclosure opportunities and access to exclusive offerings.
  • Showings
    • Having a licensed professional with you when viewing properties is ESSENTIAL. We do not pawn you off to unlicensed assistants anytime in the buying process. The trained eye of a licensee only will notice things during the showings which are essential to be seen, such as construction defects, negative influences on value and also opportunities. Showings will always be conducted around you, the clients, schedule.
  • Prevention
    • Once you have indicated what property you prefer, we will check it against our 20 year database to determine if there may be unknown risks. We have files on every condominium development in the lower mainland and many things did not occur in the last 2 years!  This database, combined with our managing brokers expert knowledge of envelope design, construction and strata experience will ensure that any negative factors are spotted and accounted for.
  • Negotiation
    • Again, as with selling, our expert appraisal resources will ensure you don’t overpay for that property. We will have our sister organization, Aedis Appraisals, conduct a full, unbiased on the property at no added cost to you. Being armed with this knowledge, will give us the upper hand in the negotiations.
  • Closing
    • Aedis Realty will be there until and after closing day to make sure the property is transacted and it is delivered as promised. Our commitment doesn’t end there either, once you are a client of Aedis, we will always be there for you – whether it be 1 week, 1 month or 1 year after the purchase. We’re not going anywhere!

Selling Your Vancouver Home?

Pinnacle Service

This is our all inclusive and standard service plan

  • Property Appraisal by Certified Appraiser
    • Arm yourself with knowledge and know what your place is worth!  Aedis Appraisals Ltd, our sister organization, will perform an arms length, market value appraisal which not only will identify and value your property, but will also sized up the competing listings and recommend a strategic listing price. Aedis Appraisals has been in business since 2007 and is trusted with all major lenders, the legal community and private sector
  • Staging Consultation
    • This doesn’t mean paying a staging company thousands of dollars to rent their furniture, we at Aedis Realty have experience in selling and will show you how minor decluttering and organization can make your home shine. When buyers see a desirable and pleasant setting they can picture themselves there, making you are one step closer to that sale.
  •  Clean up
    • Ensuring the property is clean is also vital. This includes landscaping and home itself, in and out. Aedis Realty has a trusted network of contractors if you don’t want to do it yourself that can turn your home into a gem, usually for under $1,000. This will pay back far more in the increased sale price than the cost to you, and we carry out your directions in this regard after we’ve given you the consultation.
  • Presentation
    • Included in the Pinnacle Service will be 20 professionally taken photographs and a custom measured floor plan all arranged by Aedis and our top quality partners. We want to make sure that your property stands out from the others on MLS!
  • Exposure
    • Aedis Realty will ensure that your property is exposed. Naturally, in addition to a custom lawn sign, we will post it on the Multiple Listing Service, showcase on our website, other agent’s websites, the Real Estate Weekly online and other online sources. We will also produce a mail out to all your neighbours
  • Promotion
    • We will conduct open houses at your property until it sells. Open houses allow potential buyers to have a casual look and they provide a non intrusive atmosphere to encourage activity. Not only does it attract potential buyers, but familiarizing Realtors with the property this way, keeps your property top of mind for their other buyers. We will also show your property to every interested party that contacts us, always respecting and accommodating the buyers prospective schedule
  • Reporting
    • We will report to you weekly the status of your listing. This written, emailed, report includes a summary of activity, an updated valuation, update on the competition and recommendations. You won’t be wondering what’s going on with Aedis!
  • Negotiation
    • When that offer comes in, you’ll be glad you are being represented by the experts at Aedis Realty. We have decades of experience with price and term negotiation and will always consult and recommend a course of action to you. Since we value your listing weekly for you, knowing the actual value and communicating that to the buyer (with evidence) is also key to getting the right price. Underselling is not an option, ever.
  • Closing
    • Once the property is sold, we still aren’t finished with our Pinnacle Service. We will help you secure your new home, coordinate moving and see to it that the property transacts properly. This can be a stressful time and timing and help are always key.

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Please call Jason anytime or use the emal link below to send us your questions and comments. Jason will be in touch within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you!


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