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 Imagine Laserworks Moncton provides Quit Smoking and Weight Loss Therapy Programs

Moncton’s Premier Stop Smoking Clinic has over an 85% Success Rate. 

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Low Level Laser Treatments for smoking addiction is non-invasive, painless, drug free and no side effects.  Moncton’s Imagine Laser Therapy Program combines modern technology with the best personal care to help you stop smoking.  A reflection of the program’s level of success is that a large percentage of new clients come from personal recommendations from “Smoke Free Clients”. The Imagine Low Level Laser Therapy Program for Cigarette Addiction is the most advanced Low-Level Laser Therapy Treatment to stop smoking in Moncton New Brunswick. 

If you tried to stop smoking with the patch, vape, nicotine gum or ineffective hypnosis without success, you may want to try Moncton’s Imagine Laser Therapy Treatment Stop Smoking Method.  Whether it’s your first or your tenth attempt to quit smoking, we’re here to provide every client who wants to finally quit smoking the support they need and we are Open 6 Days a WeekAlso effective for chewing tobacco, pipe smoking and cigars , smokeless tobacco, Hookah, Vapor or Electronic Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, dip, chew, snuff,)

Have you “Quit Smoking Cigarettes” only to find yourself addicted to Vapes and E-cigarettes,  Our Low Level Laser Stop Smoking Program is also successful in allowing you to finally be addiction free.

Quit Smoking Moncton and Reap The Benefits

Science has proven beyond any doubt that smoking causes most cases of lung cancer, most heart disease and lung disease as well as stroke and a range of cancers from breast to bladder.  Researchers have proven that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known, and that tobacco companies deliberately manipulate nicotine levels in their products to get people hooked on the first cigarette and keep them hooked for life.



Comparing Laser Therapy and Laser ‘Acupuncture’


Light is a form of energy that has been essential to the health and development of nearly all forms of life on our planet. Plants harvest the energy of light to produce its own food. As humans we need light in a number of ways in order to maintain a balanced and healthy body. Without the required sunlight we become deficient in vitamin D, lose bone strength, have less energy, and become depressed. Light can affect our bodies health as well has our moods.


Learning how to harness the healing power of light has been investigated over the past century, and after many years of R & D it’s been discovered that certain types of light  can have tremendous therapeutic effects on our bodies if regulated properly. Special low level lasers have been developed to deliver this therapeutic energy in a safe and effective way. This relatively new technology is exciting because it can enable people to lose weight and also stop smoking.


There are currently two basic ways laser therapy is used: bathing soft tissue with the light to stimulate therapeutic responses; and stimulating acupuncture points with the laser light to promote therapeutic responses.


For soft tissue injuries like tendonitis, sprains, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc., the low level laser light is applied to the injured area.  As the light interacts with the tissue, the cells respond to the therapeutic energy by releasing metabolic waste and absorbing nutrients, promoting growth. Blood vessels open up and blood flow is increased to the area which further drains the injury, supplies nutrients, and promotes healing. Typically the inflammation subsides, pain is relieved, and healing is allowed to happen much more quickly, many times twice as fast as normal.


Acupuncture is a form of medicine that has been developed and used in Asia for several thousand years, and though few American doctors understand how it works, it is still a basic mode of medicine in many countries that is becoming ever more prominent in American clinics. Acupuncture is defined as the insertion of needles through the skin at acupuncture points (also called “acu-points”).  Laser application to an acu-point is not a “puncture’ as with a needle. However, the term “Laser-Acupuncture” is being used to describe this acu-point application in the field of laser therapy.  A therapeutic low level laser in the hands of a doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine becomes a powerful healing tool.

Laser acupuncture is becoming even more appealing to a growing number of people.

It’s been found that the lasers are not only painless but also have a more pronounced effect on the patient with fewer treatments than with needle acupuncture. The high cost of the laser equipment, and the fact that it takes slightly longer for the practitioner to administer the treatment are some of the reasons why more acupuncturists haven’t yet switched to lasers.  Another reason may be that the standard master’s degree level training the average acupuncturist gets does not include education in laser-acupuncture or laser therapy. Dr. McCormick has completed over 1,000 hours of training in low level laser therapy and “laser-acupuncture in the U.S, Europe and China.


Imagine Laser Therapy – Quit Smoking Moncton

By applying low level lasers to special acupuncture sites on the body, a trained laser technician can stimulate certain beneficial responses. Those wanting to quit smoking will find this method helps the body release a family of chemicals known as endorphins. The endorphins produce a calming effect that relaxes a person, elevates mood, and alleviates pain, among other benefits. The goal in this is to reduce the discomfort and cravings that people often have when they quit smoking. In clinical practice many recipients have reported that they have no withdrawal discomfort whatsoever and have lost their desire to smoke.


Laser Therapy For Weight Loss –  Imagine Laserworks Moncton

In programs for weight loss the treatments help to suppress the appetite, restore healthy hormonal balance, relieve stress, and ultimately improve the metabolism. This helps the body burn fat and calories more efficiently. Other benefits include a healthy stimulation of the circulatory system, digestive system, and endocrine system. Common effects from the treatments include feeling better energy, getting better sleep, enjoying a better mood, feeling more motivation and vitality, having fewer urges to overeat and more desire to eat in a healthy way, and feeling a profound relief from stress.


Laser therapy, while it has been successfully practiced in many countries like England, Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland for nearly three decades, is still relatively unknown in the United States. In the Midwest very few physicians are familiar with it, yet a growing number of medical professionals across the country are beginning to use laser therapy in their hospitals and clinics and are recommending it as a safe way to address a variety of conditions, including smoking cessation and weight loss.

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