Quit Smoking Today!

Stop Smoking CanadaWe have assembled a Directory of Treatment Centers that can help you Quit Smoking Today!  Every individual is different with completely different lifestyles and stress factors,  so not every treatment is good for everyone.  Our goal is to help you find the Treatment that will work for you.   Read our articles on various methods and the type of dedication that you must personally must put into Quitting Smoking.

Some of the more popular methods used by smokers are  Laser Treatment, Addiction Counselling, Naturopathic Treatment, and Hypnosis.  These treatments can also be used for Weight Loss and Pain Management.  Dental Clinics can also help individuals feel better about themselves.  Having a great looking smile can boost self confidence and self esteem.  Today’s dentists can reverse the damage done by years of smoking and improve your appearance.

Low Level Laser ( Cold Laser Treatment ) boasts a Stop Smoking success rate of over 85%.  Quit Smoking Laser Clinics use a low level laser similar to those sometimes used to treat arthritis-related pain – to target specific acupuncture points on the body related to addiction, metabolism and stress, and claims that most patients can quit smoking after one session.

Addiction Counselling can help smokers overcome the nicotine addiction by individual counselling or in group sessions.  One goal is to help smokers change their bodies behavior patterns whichQuit Smoking Canada has proven highly successful in ensuring permanent cessation.  Some of the goals include, changing your Breathing Pattern, Change of Environment, Replacing Nicotine with natural vitamin B etc and other natural foods which can help balance the central nervous system.  Find an Addiction Counselling Treatment Center near you.

Naturopathic Treatment Centers – Quitting smoking is a daunting task.  Breaking the Nicotine Habit has frustrated so many people, they have given up trying. So many factors are involved in the process, from the decision to quit all the way to avoiding the temptation to relapse.  It is important to have help from someone who can provide support.  Naturopathic medicine utilizes several techniques to help you through this challenging transformation.

Hypnosis Treatment Centers – Stop Smoking through hypnosis has advanced to professionals with advanced degrees who practice in the same kinds of clinics where you’d see your shrink or your ophthalmologist  Even your General Practitioner may refer you to a Hypnosis Treatment Center.  Typically a  hypnotherapist verbally guides a client to a hyper-responsive, hyper-attentive state in which the patient’s subconscious mind (the part that tells them that smoking is cool and totally worth it) is in its most persuadable state, and then replaces the harmful or unwanted thoughts with positive, healthy ones.

Weight Loss Methods & Treatments – One of the most feared side effects of Quitting Smoking is weight gain.  Many people, women especially,  become stressed and depressed with sudden weight gain associated with stopping smoking.   This is where your Professional Stop Smoking  adviser will incorporate Weight Control as part of your Stop Smoking program.  In order to be successful in breaking the Nicotine Habit the individual has to be aware of the effects, stresses and pitfalls involved in Stopping Smoking.

Dental Clinics –  We offer a Canada Wide Listing of Dental Clinics that can reverse the ugly side effects of a life time of tobacco addition.