New Brunswick

New Brunswick has a Rich and Varied Naval History starting prior to the war of 1812

The first European settlement in Nova Scotia was established in 1605. The French, led by Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Monts established the first capital for the colony Acadia at Port Royal, Nova Scotia.[3] Other than a few trading posts around the province, for the next seventy-five years, Port Royal was virtually the only European settlement in Nova Scotia. Port Royal (later renamed Annapolis Royal) remained the capital of Acadia and later Nova Scotia for almost 150 years, prior to the founding of Halifax in 1749.

Surrounded on three sides by the ocean and with a number of large rivers, the sea has dominated the province’s history. The battles between the English and the French led to seaborne invasion and the removal of the Acadians. When the Americans and British plundered each other during the War of 1812, New Brunswick built its own navy to protect its shipping.

In 1881, the new Dominion of Canada chose New Brunswick as its first naval base, and three decades later, MP George Foster initiated the founding of the modern Canadian Navy.